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If I may offer my humble opinion. A .scr file is a windows screen saver
file. I'm not sure of its linux or unix specification; however, I would
definitely follow along on your contacting a customer service rep, as it
doesn't seem ligit.

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I tried to post this with the actual message I got from Paypal before
but the application must have been with it and it was too big. Has
anybody else gotten a letter from paypal saying their account will
expire in five days and it's necessary to use the attached application
to re-enroll/update their account? I'm wondering (a) if it's legitimate,
and (b) if there's any way for us to do this (it's a .asp.scr
application). I also have had problems because when I log in to paypal
in lynx the cat lately I'm asked to resubmit a user agreement and when I
submit it I'm told that I've used some non-us characters, even though I
am only hitting a submit button and not entering anything. I submitted
it in links the chain and now I don't get this when I use links the
chain, but lynx the cat still does this each time I go to use it. Other
than getting the .wav file with characters to be entered to work when
registering, Paypal has up to now been mostly accessible, so I'm not too
happy with the problems with the agreement and now this application we
are supposed to use. Actually, I'm quite  suspicious of the latter. The
email is one of those automated do-not-reply things, so I'll have to
find a customer service email to write to, but thought somebody onlist
might already know something about this. thanks.
-- Cheryl

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