Gregory Nowak greg at
Fri Nov 14 20:57:09 EST 2003

Where can I get imserve from? I've searched freshmeat for it, but
didn't get anything.

Doing imcom -c just gave me the same thing as just typing imcom, so
I'm ready to try something else.


On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 03:34:55AM -0600, Vortek, Eater of Souls! wrote:
> Hello,
> My best suggestion, would to go with imserv.
> you need to log in to an irc network such as to use it,
> but it only requires you have an AOL IM screen name, and not mess with registering with a jabber gateway.
> The only drawback to imserv, is it does not yet support file transfers, and as far as I can tell, development on the project
> has at the very least dropped incredibly, and most likely stopped.
> However, it works fairly well at everything else, and has very few bugs that I'm aware of.
> If you require any help using imserv after you log in to, you can either contact me personally via email,
> or, on the irc server, nickname BOFH.
> I'm not at the keyboard much, so it'd probably be easier to email me.
> Hope this helps.

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