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Fri Nov 14 08:42:14 EST 2003

Gregory Nowak staggered into view and mumbled:
> Ok, I got and installed imcom. However, I have no idea where to go
> from here, and the url given for the documentation under "what is
> imcom" doesn't work. I am assuming I need to register with a jabber
> server some how?

If you installed the RPM, the documentation and list of commands are in
/usr/share/imcom-1.32.  I think it is in the same place if you installed the
source, but I know for sure that it will be in the doc directory in the source

imcom -c will create your profile and register an account with the jabber server
of your choice.
> When I just type "imcom", it tells me I don't have a profile, and
> tries to create one, but I don't have the info yet such as login,
> password, and server.

The documentation I've seen isn't very clear for that.  I think the man page
does mention it, but I'm not sure.  Typing imcom alone expects an already
existing account.  Typing imcom -c or imcom --create will create a new account.

> I went to, and picked a server from their list of public
> servers (, but I'm not sure where to go from here.

once you start imcom -c, just follow the prompts.  It will register you and
create your local profile.  Then just type imcom to run the program and /help
inside the program for help.  You can also look in the documentation mentioned
above for a more detailed list of commands.

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