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Fri Nov 14 08:28:28 EST 2003

I think I could exclude the possibility that it's a configuration
problem, since when going back to 2.4.21, I just did a make oldconfig
using my config file from 2.4.22 with no other changes. I am also not
basing my opinion of 2.4.22 on this single machine, since I've tried
installing it on 2 other machines, both of which froze while booting,
and before getting to the login prompt. I remember someone else
reported that same problem on the list a while back, so I know I'm not
the only person who experienced that particular problem.


On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 07:16:28AM -0500, Kirk Reiser wrote:
> Well, it's kinda difficult to say for sure what you mean by crap.
> Certainly we've seen that Greg has had problems with it for whatever
> reason.  He didn't actually figure out what his problem was so whether
> it is a kernel code problem or a configuration problem would depend on
> him hunting down the difficulty which he may not bother doing now that
> he's got his system working reliably once again.
> For my part I have not made any concerted effort to move to 2.4.22 but
> I do have three machines out of about a dozen using it with no
> difficulties so far.  I would say that 2.6.xx is considerably more
> flakey than 2.4.22 at this stage and that's taking into consideration
> that there are major configuration differences between the 2.4.xx and
> 2.6.xx code lines.
> So in my opinion 2.4.22 is not particularly scrap.
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