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Thu Nov 13 07:15:43 EST 2003

Hello. Yasr will work with Freebsd and other Unix operating systems.  Note
that it is a user-space process but I think it can also be configured to run
as a daemon.  Not sure about the daemon part, but as far as other operating
systems, I've seen it run on Solaris 9 on Sun machines, AIX, etc.

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> I just wanted to let you know. You sent this email to me directly, and
> not on a list. I didn't know if you wanted to do that or not. And I
> don't know if there is a speakup or if yasr or freetts will work on
> freeBSD, I would imagine so, but ask on the list.
> Take care,S
> Sina
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> Hello, are there any screen readers for Free BSD?  Thanks
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