recompilation crashed

Darragh lists at
Thu Nov 13 06:01:38 EST 2003

well, I'm at the line
version 2.85 reloading .nptlspk2 }
but its been there for hours.  Any ideas?

I'll just go back over what's happened so far.
I installed fedora core 1.
booted into x so I changed to run level 3 and rebooted.
I then had to install the kernel from the speakup modified version.  It told
me that it was already there so I used the --force arguement.
speakup didn't speek so I assumed it was my apollo, after some messing
around I found that the _synth module was gone and the apollo spoke during
down when I loded the accsent module.
I found the apollo.c file and noticed that it was checked to compile in the
kurnel.  I tried recompiling the kernel and I've got as far as here.


Note the person reading it out to me is nearly blind him self so although
the line is definitly at the bottom of the screen there may be a mistake or

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