booting zipslack over nfs

Gregory Nowak greg at
Tue Nov 11 17:46:55 EST 2003


provided that you have in syslog.conf sending everything
to /var/log/messages, tftpd should log any successful transactions
there. It should log any errors to /var/log/syslog. 

You might want to su to whatever user tftpd is running as, and use the
tftp program, and see if you are able to get your kernel image into
your working directory that way. That's what I did to get tftpd
working. Also, make sure no firewall is blocking the tftp port.


P.S. Make sure your file directive in dhcpd.conf has the proper path.

On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 02:40:55PM -0500, Alex Snow wrote:
> Hi all. I'm trying to get zipslack to boot over nfs but I'm having a  
> problem. I created a etherboot floppy image for my network card and 
> wrote it to a disk. when I boot the system it finds the card and gets 
> the ip address from dhcp. but it won't load the kernel over tftp. I have 
> tftp running via inetd and it seems to be working. nothing is written to 
> /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages but there is a 'file not found' 
> message displayed on the screen of the client machine. I couldnt find 
> what file it couldn't locate.
> I have everything set up following the messages posted by Greg last 
> weekend. does anyone know what could be wrong? or where I can look for 
> any errors from tftpd other then the places I've already looked?
> thanks.
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