fetchmail question

Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at sent.com
Tue Nov 11 10:20:38 EST 2003

I run fetchmail as a daemon which gets started from my ip-up
script, and I put the .fetchmailrc file in the home directory for
root. That arrangement works great, and fetchmail lets me
redirect the mail it fetches to my several local users.


On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Scott Howell wrote:

> Barry,
> I found the problem with Bill's help. I apparently misunderstood the
> purpose of the system-wide fetchmailrc file. I placed one in my home
> directory and it worked just fine for fetching my wife's and my mail.
> I need to go back and figure out what Debian does with the system-wide
> fetchmail file and perhaps it points back to the one in the user's home
> directory.
> tnx
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