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Trevor Astrope astrope at
Tue Nov 11 10:01:52 EST 2003

Not sure if this applies to your situation, but you can control proftpd
access like this:

# Limit who can login
<Limit LOGIN>
	Order allow,deny
	AllowGroup staff
	Deny from All

Then add the users who are allowed ftp access to the staff group. Or just 
leave out the AllowGroup line to deny everyone.



On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Gregory Nowak wrote:

> Hi all.
> I am in the process of setting up a basic proftpd configuration.
> One problem I am running into, is that I don't want any users listed
> in /etc/passwd to be able to use standard ftp (they're only allowed to
> use sftp for security). Short of entering everybody in /etc/passwd into
> /etc/ftpusers, is there a way to accomplish this?
> Thanks.
> Greg
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