broken MP3 playback in Slackware 9.1

Steve Holmes steve at
Tue Nov 11 09:11:51 EST 2003

I just tried, for the heck of it, mpg321 and I got an error about
missing shared object library; I thought I had that
library all along so don't know what happened there.  But I do recall
mpg321 making some awful noises in the past and I do believe that was
before going to Slackware 9.1.

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 07:00:04AM -0500, Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:
> That is really strange. I am just now moving on up to SW 9.1 and
> am using madplay with no difficulties at all. I have not tried
> mpg321, since madplay has a nice console control system while
> playing material. But on my 9.1 system it works great. I have an
> sblive card and am using alsa 0.9.8 drivers with OSS emulation.
> Chuck
> On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Adam Myrow wrote:
> > Somebody mentioned that they were having horribly distorted MP3 playback
> > under Slackware 9.1.  I hadn't noticed this because I mostly have OGG
> > Vorbis files, and the times I do play an MP3 file, I use trplayer.
> > However, I started doing some testing of various MP3 players, and have
> > come to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with the MAD
> > library that ships with Slackware 9.1.  Both MPG321 and Madplay use this
> > library for MP3 playback, and both have seriously messed up audio output.
> > In the case of MPG321, it is horribly distorted with a steady clicking
> > sound.  With Madplay, there is a loud hissing noise.  I found that Zinf,
> > Trplayer, and mpg123 which is in the extra directory all yield correct MP3
> > playback.  There is also a very simple player called AMP which comes with
> > Slackware 9.1.  It works correctly as well, but has absolutely no options
> > other than playing the file.  I.E. no fast-forward, shuffle, etc.  So, any
> > of those will work.  I don't know if downloading the latest version of the
> > Mad library would help, but it might.
> >
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