Fedora aint workin

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Tue Nov 11 08:18:22 EST 2003

Darragh writes:
> From: "Darragh" <lists at digitaldarragh.com>
> Another day another dozen problems haha.  
> I got the thing as far as choosing the medium where the discs are.  I've
> coppied the three izos onto CDs and have tried choosing both hdb5 and CD
> as the installation source.  Both times I get an error telling me that
> the discs are not for this version of the distribution or something like
> that.  

Sounds like a mismatch between the boot media files and the ISO images.
Is that possible? The version number was incremented yesterday when Bill
released iso images with fixes. Might you have grabbed the wrong
boot.iso yesterday?

The cleanest solution might be to download the new set of iso's and
start from scratch. If you have broadband this may be the way to go.

If you do not have broadband, you might want to get the cygwin package
from redhat.com. Cygwin is a bash prompt for Windows. The reason it's
useful is that you get rsync in the process. Rsync will let you bring
your iso's up to date without redownloading everything. It will only
download and apply the differences. You'll be using rsync once you have
Linux working.

Or, if you do have another (or the same) box already running Linux,
forget everything I wrote and do this:

rsync -cvt bumpy.braille.uwo.ca::ftp/speakup/disks/fedora/1/yarrow*iso
[path to your iso images]

NOTE: "Path o your iso images" might just be dot, as in . if you issue
this command from the directory whereyou have your yarrow iso files.

If that's the root of /dev/hdb5 (Hello, Janina, Daragh has Linux
already), just issue this command and go away for an hour or two.

You can create a cdrom from the boot.iso that will be in
yarrow-i386.disc1.iso in the /images directory.

You don't need to create 3 cd roms if you're not formatting /dev/hdb5.

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