Synths with speakup.

Toby Fisher toby at
Mon Nov 10 09:07:08 EST 2003

Hi folks.

Obviously (because I'm using it) the apolo ii works fine with speakup.  
Does anyone know if the Europa internal card also works? This was an isa 
card made by Dolfin systems which  was exactly the same as the apolo ii, 
except it was an internal isa card.  I think it just showed itself as 
another serial port to the operating system, but cannot be sure.  In 
theory it should work but I need to be sure, as if so then I can have a 
second pc upstairs in my loft as I've been ofvered an old system with a 
Europa card for GBP100.

Also, a friend has an old Decktalk PC 1 card, will this work with 

Kind regards.

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