my play box has turned into a paper weight

Gregory Nowak greg at
Sun Nov 9 22:06:01 EST 2003

There have been no power spikes that I know  of recently, and the
machine is plugged into a surge protector.

I can hear the cpu fan running, so I'm guessing that's ok.

The machine is an AMD k5 133 MHz with about 40 Mb of ram, made
somewhere around 1994.


On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 08:33:24PM -0600, RK wrote:
> Greg...
> I have found that when playing with possibly broken hardware (especially
> CPU, memory and motherboards) that it is anyone's guess what could cause a
> particular problem.  Have you had any power spikes that you know of? Is the
> CPU fan operating properly, or has is failed on you recently? I would start
> with the CPU fan, as it is a moving part and is most likely to fail in the
> first place.  How old is the box? What kind of hardware is it?
> Be glad to offer any information I can to help.
> Regards,
> Ron

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