my play box has turned into a paper weight

Gregory Nowak greg at
Sun Nov 9 19:21:17 EST 2003

Hi all.

Well, the subject says it all. When running applications on my play
box, they all end up getting segmentation faults. If they don't get
segmentation faults, they apparently aren't executing, since the
system sits there forever, and ever. Sometimes, I can do a ctrl+c or a
ctrl+z, but other times I can't. The same thing happens when I try to
halt the box. It says broadcasting message from root ... and the
system is going down for system halt now ..., but that's it, the box
just sits there with no activity. Sometimes when I hit ctrl+c, I get
shutdown canceled, other times I don't get anything. 

I've also noticed that if I am logged in via ssh, and try to login via
ssh again to have 2 logins going, the client connects, I get the
welcome message,I'm told when my last login was, and that I have no
mail, and then the second connection is just dropped.

Obviously, I've got a hardware problem. However, is it the ram, or is
it the cpu? I am leaning towards saying that it's the cpu at this
point, but am open to other educated opinions.
Thanks in advance.


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