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Gregory Nowak greg at romuald.net.eu.org
Sun Nov 9 10:47:56 EST 2003

Hi all.

Scott, I've got no idea what your fetchmail problem is all
about. Maybe try reinstalling fetchmail, and see if that makes a

As for moving from mbox files in /var/spool to Maildirs in the user's
home directories, the only mtas that I know of which support Maildirs
are qmail and the courier mail server.

Having said this though, I believe that newer versions of procmail
support Maildirs. So, you should be able to pipe your mail from your
mta, through spam assassin, and then through procmail, which would put
the mail in the user's Maildir.

In order to create the Maildirs, you will need the maildirmake
program. I don't know where you could get that separately, mine came
with qmail.

Maildirs are also crash proof, whereas the standard mbox files are

Hth somewhat.


On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 09:28:56AM -0500, Scott Howell wrote:
> Folks,
> I have a question regarding fetchmail. I have fetchmail working just 
> fine on box A.
> I setup fetchmail on box B and moved the exist fetchmailrc file over 
> from box A to B with the hopes of doing a drop-in replacement. I keep 
> getting an error from fetchmail that says fetchmail: no mailservers have 
> been specified. This of course is rediculous as the configuration file 
> is exactly the same one I was using on box A. The permisitions are 
> correct, I know all dns names can be resolved from that box and well I'm 
> flat out of ideas. I also did scrub through the logs, but can't find 
> anything and fetchmail only provides that error message. 
> Oh also I was considering going from the usual spool/mail setup and 
> having each user a mail directory in home. Is there a simple enough way 
> to do this if I'm using Spam Assassin, Procmail, and either Exim or 
> Postfix? I guess the question is there any reason other than keeping 
> mail in the user's home directory thus freeing space for the /var 
> directory and perhaps for security reasons, would I gain anything by 
> continuing to use the spool/mail setup over the maildirs being in the  
> /home/user.
> Ok I do need some cofee I don't think that made sense. grin
> tia
> Scott
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