fetchmail question

Scott Howell showell at lrxms.net
Sun Nov 9 09:28:56 EST 2003


I have a question regarding fetchmail. I have fetchmail working just 
fine on box A.
I setup fetchmail on box B and moved the exist fetchmailrc file over 
from box A to B with the hopes of doing a drop-in replacement. I keep 
getting an error from fetchmail that says fetchmail: no mailservers have 
been specified. This of course is rediculous as the configuration file 
is exactly the same one I was using on box A. The permisitions are 
correct, I know all dns names can be resolved from that box and well I'm 
flat out of ideas. I also did scrub through the logs, but can't find 
anything and fetchmail only provides that error message. 
Oh also I was considering going from the usual spool/mail setup and 
having each user a mail directory in home. Is there a simple enough way 
to do this if I'm using Spam Assassin, Procmail, and either Exim or 
Postfix? I guess the question is there any reason other than keeping 
mail in the user's home directory thus freeing space for the /var 
directory and perhaps for security reasons, would I gain anything by 
continuing to use the spool/mail setup over the maildirs being in the  
Ok I do need some cofee I don't think that made sense. grin


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