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Janina Sajka janina at
Sun Nov 9 08:58:31 EST 2003

Hi, Sina:

Sina Bahram writes:
> ... but how do I check if I am running gnome or kde for the
> desktop environment. Is there any command I can do via telnet? 

The configuration of Xwindows use is at /etc/X11. However, I don't think
you need to worry about it. It's not as if you can't smoothly stray from
one to another.

Rather, your concern is to have the desktop come up talking with
Gnopernicus following your login on the graphical login dialog--or
following your launch of gnopernicus from the command line. 

> Also how
> can I enable telnet and ftp. I can ssh into the box but it's a crappy
> ssh and I want to enable the telnet client and the ftp server.

Areyou unable to use your Fedora Core system natively for some reason?
The results and the learning curve will be significantly enhanced if you
do. Certainly, you're not going to succeed with Gnopernicus over telnet,
at the very least.

However, to answer the question you asked, you'll need to enable both
telnet and vsftp servers, and allow their ports if the Linux machine's
firewall is on, as it likely is.

Here's what to study:

Learn about the service command:

service [] start/stop/restart

For the more permanent fix, learn the chkconfig command.

To enable/disable various firewall (and other) settings, use the setup

Look at the configurations for vsftp under /etc and tweak as you see
fit. Also, edit the telnet configuration file under /etc/xinetd.d/ --
and be aware that you need to restart xinetd after so doing.

				How do I just get an ftp that will let me do anything I
> want.

Well, I have never heard of an interface that lets one do anything they
want. However, you can configure vsftp to do all that it can for you as
described above.


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