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Ok, I installed Fedora today, and I have one of the most basic and
simplistic questions probably ever conceived of; however, I didn't see a
single screen that asked me if I want to use KDE or Gnome for my desktop
environment. I did do a full installation so I'm not worried about not
having it, but how do I check if I am running gnome or kde for the
desktop environment. Is there any command I can do via telnet? Also how
can I enable telnet and ftp. I can ssh into the box but it's a crappy
ssh and I want to enable the telnet client and the ftp server. Don't
worry about security at all. This thing is behind an extremely good
hardware firewall and right now I'm not beginning to be concerned with
security issues. How do I just get an ftp that will let me do anything I


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there's a reason for this.
for playing audio and various other tasks, ext2 is a good deal faster.
so where's the journal file then lol.

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