Returning ext3 to ext2

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sun Nov 9 02:55:22 EST 2003

Actually, I can think of just one good reason to go back to ext2; only I
did it and still didn't solve the problem.
recover doesn't work in ext3. I even searched google and found that people
with ext3 got the same error I got/get running recover:

"No valid standard device found"
and if you list one in it still doesn't work.
Only, even though I remounted my partitions and got rid of my .journal
files, recover still won't work for me.
Not that i need it that often, but it did work on the occasions when I
needed it before I changed to ext3, so I kind of wish I had left
well-enough alone.
Don't know if that's why shaun wants to change back, but it's the one
drawback of ext3 I really have found.
Of course, IF one has backups and IF one pays attention to what one is
deleting, no problem!!!
But unfortunately, accidents do happen and it's almost always something
you haven't backed up yet!!! Must be a law of physics or something!


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