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Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sat Nov 8 18:59:23 EST 2003

Darragh writes:
> I've being waiting for the release of Fedora 1.0 since early October as
> I was told by numerous people that it would have gnopernicus pree
> configured.  Now that the speakup modified version is up I'm just dying
> to download it and have a good root around.  
> However, I'm going to try to do the sensible thing first and spend the
> first few days reading up on installation howtos and FAQ's.  Can any one
> suggest a few?

Until we get the new installation HOWTO up, you may as well study the
current HOWTO for Red Hat 9. It's going to be very nearly the same:


> I'm hoping to set up the following:
> Fedora 1.0 with speakup.
As of the moment, there's only a minor modification from how this is
done with Red Hat 9.

> Gnome with the Gnopernicus screen reader.
If you select "everything," as the HOWTO has always recommended, you'll
get this without extra effort.

> Some of the Gnopernicus supported applications.
I'm not sure what you're referring to, of course. But, if you're
referring to Mozilla and OpenOffice you're still very much on your own.
There is no single doc that I'm aware of that takes you through this in
the Fedora context.

> Emacspeak
> W3.
> Vm.
You're on your own for this, as you have been with Red Hat through many
generations of Red Hat releases. The Emacspeak shipped in Fedora Cora is
version 17.0, whereas 18.0-1 is current.

> I'm also hoping to use FTP to connect to the laptop which is running win
> 2000.  I have a linksys router which can act as a dhcp server as well.
> They all connect with no problems in windows.
If your LinkSys is serving up ip addresses, Linux can certainly accept
the assignment easily enough. There's no particular magic to using ftp
outbound from Linux, but your host has to be running an ftp server, of

I would wager networking works far more easily and reliably on Linux--at
least in my experience.

Methinks thou hast best inquire of "they" directly. I don't speak for
"they," whoever that might be.

> Oh, just one more thing, what do they mean by pree configured?  Thati
> sounds like a simpol question, feel free to laugh at my lack of
> experience.
> Any suggestions very welcome
> Darragh
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