Fedora, Good Newby howtos, mailing lists and downloads

Darragh lists at digitaldarragh.com
Sat Nov 8 18:37:31 EST 2003

I've being waiting for the release of Fedora 1.0 since early October as
I was told by numerous people that it would have gnopernicus pree
configured.  Now that the speakup modified version is up I'm just dying
to download it and have a good root around.  

However, I'm going to try to do the sensible thing first and spend the
first few days reading up on installation howtos and FAQ's.  Can any one
suggest a few?

I'm hoping to set up the following:
Fedora 1.0 with speakup.
Gnome with the Gnopernicus screen reader.
Some of the Gnopernicus supported applications.
I'm also hoping to use FTP to connect to the laptop which is running win
2000.  I have a linksys router which can act as a dhcp server as well.
They all connect with no problems in windows.

Oh, just one more thing, what do they mean by pree configured?  That
sounds like a simpol question, feel free to laugh at my lack of

Any suggestions very welcome


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