terminal servers

Luke Davis ldavis at shellworld.net
Fri Nov 7 17:00:52 EST 2003

That's pretty much where I was about to go.

The base system needs to be am image that can be dumped directly to each
Everything other than that--/usr, /bin, /sbin, /home, and so on, can be
NFS mounted.

The matter of /etc and /var comes to mind.

It might be good to have these NFS mounted as well, but resident on the
server, and spesific to each terminal.  (with /etc.  You would only have
to do it with parts of /var, I believe, such as /var/log, /var/lock,
/var/run, etc..)


On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Erik Heil wrote:

> Hi, Alex.  What you would want to do is have all of the clients boot via an
> bootp server which you would configure on your server.  In order for this to
> be successful the client machines must have a PXE-capable NIC and the system
> BIOS must support booting via TCP/ip.  You would use NFS to export /home,
> /usr, etc. to the client machines so they would have access to any shared
> directories on the server you would want.  As far as making the machines
> boot, you would create an image directory on the server that would include
> the kernel, etc. the machines would need.  I'll try and dig up some how-to's
> for you here, but this should get you pointed in the right place.
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> > Hi all. I have a lot of crap hardware around here I can probably turn
> > into some really low-end machines. I would like to use these machines
> > mostly 486dx's and early pentiums as diskless terminals.
> > I took a look at the ltsp but it doesn't seem like it will run on
> > slackware. Does anyone know where I could look to get started on setting
> > up a terminal server and it's clients?
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