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Hi, Alex.  What you would want to do is have all of the clients boot via an
bootp server which you would configure on your server.  In order for this to
be successful the client machines must have a PXE-capable NIC and the system
BIOS must support booting via TCP/ip.  You would use NFS to export /home,
/usr, etc. to the client machines so they would have access to any shared
directories on the server you would want.  As far as making the machines
boot, you would create an image directory on the server that would include
the kernel, etc. the machines would need.  I'll try and dig up some how-to's
for you here, but this should get you pointed in the right place.
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> Hi all. I have a lot of crap hardware around here I can probably turn
> into some really low-end machines. I would like to use these machines
> mostly 486dx's and early pentiums as diskless terminals.
> I took a look at the ltsp but it doesn't seem like it will run on
> slackware. Does anyone know where I could look to get started on setting
> up a terminal server and it's clients?
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