Cell Phone ISO

Erik Heil eheil at patmedia.net
Thu Nov 6 22:17:58 EST 2003

Hi there.  Nope, I don't have an ISO available, as I don't have an actual
CD.  would someone be kind enough to send me the tarball of the CD so I
could make such n ISO?
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> Hi Eric,
> Do you have a site that I can download the ISO of the cell phone software?
> I would like to try it.
> I might get such a cell phone, to replace my current phone,  if I did not
> have to pay so much to make it accessible.
> Thanks.
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> Talx is worse.  ABout $400 I think.  Which is ridiculous.  Something like
> that I have no problem with making an ISO image and uploading it to my FTP
> server.  I mean the nokia 9290 Communicator is enough in itself
> prohibitively expensive, about $500 or more.  plus it doesn't support 3G
> Internet access, it simply dials up your iSP and uses an 14.4kbps
> connection.  Unless this has been upgraded, i'd say that's not good.
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