Mobile Accessibility

Whitley CTR Cecil H WhitleyCH.ctr at
Thu Nov 6 11:49:24 EST 2003

Hi Janina,
cingular has a disability page.  The url is:
They've also got a support center with both voice and tty access numbers.
The above url will lead to the info.  I don't know who at AFB is responsible
for the section 255 page, could you see they get this info?  I'll be talking
with them later, in particular I want caller id, so we'll see what they have
to offer.  Voice dialing (*8) is a nice feature though, and goes to show
that accessability for some can be extra features for all.
I'm currently having fun with Motorola trying to get the manual in something
other than pdf.  They claim braille/large print/audio for all and ascii for
some phones.  
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