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Hi Whitley,

On 5 Nov 2003 11:01:33  (my local time 17:01:33), you typed::
WCCH> So what exactly is talx or Mobile Accessibility for that matter?

Talx, or Talks as it's now called, is a screen reader for mobile
phones running the Symbian operating system. An example of such a
phone is the Nokia 9290, as it's called in the states. Mobile
Accessibility is a program that provides speech to a cellphone too,
the difference is that MA is a program that sorta takes over the phone
and makes its own menus, that is, it doesn't use the phones regular
menu system like Talks does. MA also runs on Symbian phones.
My opinion is that Talks is the better alternative since it gives you
access to the whole phone, not to just some of the functions, but
that's just my opinion.
Talks is currently available for the Nokia 92XX series and as a beta
for the 3650 and 7650 Nokia phones. I think that MA is available for
the 3650 and 7650 and they claim that they have it available for more

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