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Wed Nov 5 11:34:54 EST 2003

They are two competing products that provide a TTS output capibility for
the telephone features of a Symbian wireless telephone, usually the
Nokia 3650 in the U.S.

Obviously, even so so functionality can be a critical functionality

I have not used TALX, though I've seen it demonstrated on a Nokia 9210
(or some such PDA Nokia).

I do have Mobile Accessibility on an AT&T serviced Nokia 3650. It
takes forever to boot--with no early indication that it's even booting.
It crashes a lot sometimes so hard that I need to remove the battery to
get a reset. It's a stand-alone application on top of the Symbian on the
phone. In other words, it does not enable the apps on the Nokia, but
installs a separate app.

The 3650's dial pad is stupid fro a blind person's perspective. It's a
horseshoe shaped reminiscence of old dial pads. Not easy to use.

Whitley CTR Cecil H writes:
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>    Hi,
>    So what exactly is talx or Mobile Accessibility for that matter?
>    Cecil

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