using samba with windows xp professional

Allan Shaw technews at
Tue Nov 4 14:45:52 EST 2003

... If your speaking of the samba file sharing service for Windows there 
isn't much you have to do in order to share files with a Windows XP Pro 

Using SAMBA create a share for a folder on your Linux box, be careful of 
upper and lower case characters.
Once this is done any share you've created should show up in the My 
Neighbourhood Places on your XP workstation, give it a second or to, 
to  show up in the list.
You can also create a shortcut or map a network drive to this share as you 
would with any other shared environment.
You don't have to tell XP where the SAMBA server/service is since it really 
isn't a server but a service.
The only thing you might have to do is make sure that the File and Printer 
sharing service is active and running on your XP box.

At 21:07 11/2/03, you wrote:
>Hi, In order to use samba with windows xp professional does my windows xp
>system need to be directly connected to the linux box and I am using
>dinamic ip addresses and want to be able to share files between windows xp
>professional and redhat9.  Also in windows xp I can't find where to tell
>windows what domain to use for the samba server, I have the group name set
>but I can't seam to figure out what else I need to do to get it working.
>I am using a 2wire home portal with sbcdsl.  bye
>My web page is at
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