Two real quick questions

Alex Snow alex_snow at
Tue Nov 4 08:59:32 EST 2003

You can get all 4 isos from
You could also get them from bittorrent but that will take a lot 
longer then just downloading them from the above ftp site.

Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 08:23:50AM -0500, Chris Gilland wrote:
> Firstly, just curious, but i have been informed that there is a pretty major
> problem with the driver for the Accent SA in the latest release of Speakup.
> This is thus giving me a very hard time, as I really don't like using yasr.
> Now, granted, i have used it before, I just found I wasn't receiving half
> the feedback I needed...  So, my first question is:  is there a fix as of
> yet for this problem and if so where and how  do I get it working with
> Redhat 9.  Secondly, I'm also curious as to where I may can obtain a copy of
> Slackware "9.1"
> joe, I did get your voicemail last night, so thanks for that, and i'll try
> to call you today, but just in case...  does anyone else in the mingtime
> know where to get it that would have enough bandwidth where it won't take me
> all day literally to get?  I looked on the speakup homepage but unless it's
> just me, it seemed that 7.0 was the latest release up there...
> If anyone wants to call me, you may:
> 972-535-4095
> or e-mail me at:
> chris at
> I could call any of you all too as *long*! as you all are either in the US
> or Canada...
> I'd really like to get the show on the road, but either I need 9.1 of
> slackware with the older speakup kurnel, or I need an update to the accent
> SA driver with extremely detailed steps on how to install it...
> Thanks...
> Chris.
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