Two real quick questions

Chris Gilland chris at
Tue Nov 4 08:23:50 EST 2003

Firstly, just curious, but i have been informed that there is a pretty major
problem with the driver for the Accent SA in the latest release of Speakup.
This is thus giving me a very hard time, as I really don't like using yasr.
Now, granted, i have used it before, I just found I wasn't receiving half
the feedback I needed...  So, my first question is:  is there a fix as of
yet for this problem and if so where and how  do I get it working with
Redhat 9.  Secondly, I'm also curious as to where I may can obtain a copy of
Slackware "9.1"

joe, I did get your voicemail last night, so thanks for that, and i'll try
to call you today, but just in case...  does anyone else in the mingtime
know where to get it that would have enough bandwidth where it won't take me
all day literally to get?  I looked on the speakup homepage but unless it's
just me, it seemed that 7.0 was the latest release up there...

If anyone wants to call me, you may:


or e-mail me at:

chris at

I could call any of you all too as *long*! as you all are either in the US
or Canada...

I'd really like to get the show on the road, but either I need 9.1 of
slackware with the older speakup kurnel, or I need an update to the accent
SA driver with extremely detailed steps on how to install it...



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