making a notetaker that runs a linux type os

Ann Parsons akp at
Mon Nov 3 06:48:42 EST 2003

Hi all,

>>>>> "Nick" == Nick Gawronski <nick at> writes:

    Nick>       Hi, I was wondering how come no one has yet made a
    Nick> notetaker that runs a version of linux and how hard would it
    Nick> be to develope one.  I think that it would be a great thing
    Nick> to make because linux is opensource and it can easly be
    Nick> ported and modified What do you think of this?  

Nick my friend, you are way, way, way, behind the times.  Check out:

I shan't be surprised to see answers from both David and Keith on
here.  What you want is to check out the Elba.  Good luck! 

Ann P.

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