dosemu question.

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sun Nov 2 14:16:02 EST 2003

you don't have your permisssions for your /dos (if that's how you have it
mounted) or whatever your dos directory is set correctly. I can't tell you
what to do since I really don't know how you have it set up.
But I believe the information is in the documentation.
In my case, for instance, my dos partition is mounted in /etc/fstab this
/dev/hda2 /dos msdos auto,user,umask=000

and when I created /dos (my mount point) I did it like this

mkdir -m 777 /dos

This means anybody can access it so you may or may want that as your
Again, you may be set up differently; in that case, reading the
documentation should give you the appropriate instructions.


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