Speakup doesn't speak at booting

Thomas Stivers stivers_t at tomass.dyndns.org
Sat Nov 1 16:41:51 EST 2003

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On 11/01/03  2:54 PM -0600, RK wrote:
> Hello all,
> I just installed RH 9 using the ISO images from the Speakup modified Redhat
> installation page, and following the instructions.  The install went ok
> (although I'm missing Lynx).  However, I booted for the first time and
> entered
> setserial ttys0 uart none
> modprobe speakup_dectlk
> This works, but it doesn't make the system speak right at boot, I have to
> enter these commands every time I boot the system. Any way to get around
> this?

I am not using RH, but if you add a file /etc/init.d/speakup and create
a link to it called /etc/rcS.d/S05speakup the contents of
/etc/init.d/speakup will be run early in the boot process.  There may be
a way to get it to run even earlier using an initrd (initial root disk),
but i haven't done it this way yet. In my /etc/init.d/speakup I have the

SYNTH=ltlk	# The abbreviation for the synthesizer speakup is using.
PORT=/dev/ttyS3	# The serial port speakup is using.

speakup_start() {

# In case speakup is a module load it.
if [ ! -d /proc/speakup ]; then
	# Tell the kernel to release the serial port speakup is using.
	/bin/setserial $PORT uart none
	/sbin/modprobe speakup_$SYNTH

# load default settings for speakup.
if [ -d /etc/speakup ]; then
	echo Loading speakup defaults from /etc/speakup/.
	cp /etc/speakup/* /proc/speakup

speakup_stop() {
	# Disable speakup in preparation for removing the modules.
	echo none >/proc/speakup/synth_name
	# Remove the modules
	/sbin/modprobe -r speakup_$SYNTH speakup_keyhelp speakupmain 
	# Re-enable the serial port used by speakup.
	/bin/setserial $PORT autoconfig

case "$1" in
	sleep 1
	echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart}"
	exit 1

Redhat users may be able to give you a better way to do this, but the
above *should* work. You will want to change the SYNTH= and PORT= lines
to match your synthesizer and port. Perhaps some varient of this could
be added to the speakup packages so it is installed by default. 

> And my final question for now:
> Does Speakup support software synthesizers yet? If so, how do I go about
> this?

Since the RH packages are using cvs speakup the answer is no, there are
some patches for speakup 1.5 so it can work with festival, but I haven't
ever gotten it working and I would rather have the features of cvs
speakup and use my doubletalk than go back to 1.5 and try to use

HTH and good luck.

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