dead box

Scott Howell showell at
Sun Mar 30 19:38:12 EST 2003


Well yeah thta sounds about right on the OEM vs retail. I was using the
Antec hurricane or whatever twister something it worked very well, but
the chips do run damned hot and never had a thermo pad die on me, but
well never had a processor run that fast either.
Well how it died I can't say. I don't know as it was booting, but
hanging at odd times. First thought was heat related, but then it would
hang only after running for 30 seconds. I tried a boot floppy thinking
maybe something in the kernel. No luck so now I put the new heatsink on
and this is when I found it was still hanging and no heat issues it
would seem. I then came bakc later and found it powers up, but no happy
beeping noise. Still a few more thoughts, but even if the cpu was toast
I think the bios would still generate some error messages. Got a few
more things to try and then I'll decleare it dead, but well then its
kind of dead yet.<grin>


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