Festival Module for Speakup

Matteo Fasanella mfasanella at deis.unibo.it
Tue Mar 25 05:28:21 EST 2003

Jacob Schmude wrote:

> Hi
> OK, just two questions:
> 1. Was this developed using speakup 1.00 stable or the CVS releases? 
> I'm hoping the CVS release, as I use kernel 2.4.20 and really want to 
> try this thing out as I'm not sure how much longer my HW synth's going 
> to last. 

It was developed using Speakup 1.00 stable, on a 2.4.19 kernel, even if 
it should work with other kernel release.

> 2. What, exactly, is the festival daemon? I've got festival installed 
> here, but I don't see any sort of daemon, just the main program, as 
> well as a client program. Is the daemon the festival server (what you 
> get when you launch festival with the --server option)?
> Regards
> Jacob

Yes, with "festival daemon" I mean "the daemon mode of festival", i.e. 
"festival --server".


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