Festival Module for Speakup

Matteo Fasanella mfasanella at deis.unibo.it
Tue Mar 25 05:13:00 EST 2003

Buddy Brannan wrote:

>OK...couple questions on getting this running (thanks for the instructions):
>1. After the kernel is compiled, to start festival daemon, you use
>what command? I seem to have festival installed, but I haven't had
>much cause to use it.

I use "festival --server", to start it in daemon mode...

For installation, howeve, we are think to release a precompiled kernel 
with speakup-festival support enabled.

>2. Have you tried to use it with flite--and does it work?
>(www.cmuflite.org) Same question as above.
I look at it, but I don't use it, 'cause of Italian voice are best with 
festival+MBROLA, and works well on a Pentium II machine (as in our 


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