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Sun Mar 16 20:12:39 EST 2003

What about Star Office?  Is there a form of Star Office we could use?

At 11:22 3/16/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Hmmm.   I never thought about the proprietary issue with MS-Word.  I 
>wonder if we should not be talking with Microsoft to get at least the 
>formatting info available?  Oh yeah, didn't Gates give the
>chinese open source Windows?  Hmmm.
>-- charlie.
>At 02:41 AM 03/16/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>>There are Word document viewers for Linux console.  The one I use is
>>called wv.  Another is called antiword.  No doubt, there are more.
>>Because Word is a proprietary format, and the specification is not
>>available, the authors of programs such as wv have had to
>>reverse-engineer a bit.  Because of this, certain things in the Word
>>document may not decode as well as we'd like.  Nonetheless, I use wv
>>and get reasonable results when converting from Word to html.  The
>>resulting html source is quite bloated, but, it's there.
>>For pdf conversion, there's pdftotext.  This is part of the xpdf
>>package, and may already be on your system.  Surprise, it was already
>>on my stock installation of RH 7.2.  the one thing I don't like about
>>pdftotext-s rendering, is that hyperlinks get lost.  To preserve the
>>navigability of pdf documents, I visit <access.adobe.com>, and submit
>>the url of a pdf document (assuming I've found it on the web) to the
>>form.  What comes back is a nice html rendering (links and all).
>>Hope this helps,
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