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Gregory Nowak greg at
Sun Mar 16 13:59:01 EST 2003

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 11:18:54AM -0500, Charles Crawford wrote:
> You can tell the "Prof" in class to convert the ms-word files to text.  I 
> would assume someone with the brains to become a professor has the minimum 
> amount of smarts to convert a file.

Interesting that you bring that up.

We have to tell our computer science 201 professor how to bring up his lecture notes in pdf on the screen, and how to use a lot of basic things in windblows.

The guy either is doing a very excellent job of pretending he is dumb, or he really doesn't know how to use windblows.
Now that makes me ask the question, how did this guy become a computer science professor?

Also, some of what he's teaching, I've done before in high school. But, listening to the guy I have no clue what he's talking about when he's lecturing, even when I know that I've learned this stuff before, and understand it.
This isn't just me, since I've talked to a couple of other class mates who have been through some of this stuff before, and they don't get anything that he's lecturing on either.

If this is how those of us who know this stuff feel, I wonder what the majority of students who have taken none of this stuff before feel?

Sorry about the off topic rant, but Charley's comment above really begged me to write something about the topic.

Ok, I'll stop wasting band width.


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