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Steve Holmes steve at
Thu Mar 13 09:31:51 EST 2003

I don't know where you ultimately found the CDROM drivers you needed
but there is a generic speakup-enabled boot disk for normal IDE and
for SCSI based systems.  Look for speakup.i for IDE and speakup.s for
SCSI.  I'm referring to the bootdisk images here.  If you ended up
having to use one of the specialty discs for other drivers, let me
know which one you used and I could perhaps prepare a speakup version
for you.  They just created two speakup boot images.  Otherwise, you
would double the size of Slackware's boot system.

On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 03:28:00PM -0800, Juan Hernandez wrote:
> Howdy, I am new to the list, I've been using linux and freebsd for many a years.  I just started using the speakup screen reader.  I am quite empressed with the changes that have been made to it.  I remember trying speakup when it was like version  .08 or something like that.  I had a question
> I can't get slackware installed on my pc, for some reason it doesn't find my cdrom.  I figured out that I needed to use another disk image that has the drivers for my cdrom, how can I do this and also keep the speakup while installing?  Thanks
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