alsa capture problem

Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Mon Mar 10 07:20:54 EST 2003


I managed to get that problem solved in amixer by turning to the
complete controls instead of just the simple controls. In there
you will find a way to change the capture settings that works. It
is like a rotary switch that can be moved from one device to
another rather than being turned on or off.

But I would recommend turning to aumix or rexima instead of
messing with those complete controls. Someone on here mentioned
rexima a while back and it is much much easier to use, and the
capture setting works fine in rexima.

If you want to see a script of mine using the amixer complete
controls, let me know. I call it "setsource" and it takes a
parameter "mike", "line", or "cd".


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