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Shaun Oliver shaun_oliver at
Mon Mar 10 03:59:30 EST 2003

hi there,
whenever I try to turn the capture off for my mic and the capture
options with either alsamixer or amixer,
I find I can't turn my mic capture off nore once I've turned my capture
off can I turn it back on.
this is proving to be a right royal pain as I'm working on a shell
script to enable someone doing live streaming to be able to do voice
overs announcements and back announcements with a minimum of fuss.
basically, all the user need do is type ./vo s in order to talk and ./vo
m in order to mute the mic and continue playing their music.
if anyone has found similar problems please let me know how you've
managed to overcome them.
thanks in advance.
oh, I'm using alsa 0.9.0rc7 if that helps any.

Shaun Oliver

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