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Kenny Hitt kennyhitt at knology.net
Fri Mar 7 13:30:40 EST 2003

Hi.  Debian is supposed to rrun on Macs.  Check out


On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 10:12:35AM -0500, Travis Siegel wrote:
> You can isnstall linux on a mac.  I haven't tried it yet, though I might
> soon, since I now have 3 older macs that were given to me, and putting
> linux on one should prove interesting.  There was a site (I can't remember
> it off the top of my head) that had versions of linux for macs already
> created and ready to go, but any version of linux built for the 68000
> series of processors should work at least for the older macs.  You might
> want to do a search on yahoo or something to see what you can find.
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