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I thought darwin was unix based not Linux based. It would be interesting to
see if speakup will work on that architecture. One thing you can do is
search the net for used synths so you don't go out and spend 350 dollars on
a doubletalk external. If you don't care the internals are going nice and
cheep since they are ISA based.
 Maybe you can mail me privately about the research you do involving
cardiology.. I have an interest..

At 08:18 PM 3/6/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello List,
>I just joined the list and thought 'd introduce myself.  I'm a programmer
>working at a cardiology research center at the University of Utah.  We
>mostly use Macs, but I also use JAWS under Windows 98.  Since the
>underpinnings of MAC OS X is Linux,  I thought I'd try installing a PC
>version and see if I can get a headstart on the learning curve for OS X.
>I currently have EMACSSpeak running under Red Hat 8.0 on a  1.4 mHtz machine
>with 256 Mb of RAM and 20 Gb devoted to Linux.  I would now like to install
>Speakup.  Yes, I now realize this is kind of backwards, but we live and
>From looking at the Speakup FAQ's,  it looks like I should buy the Double
>Talk external speech synthesizer.  It seems to be the best (and least
>expensive!) way for me to go.
>Is this a good choice?  Are there any better solutions?  Will this
>synthesizer block me from other options (like GNOME)  that are under
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