answering questions on the list

Gene Collins collins at
Thu Mar 6 11:39:48 EST 2003

Hello everyone.  The Speakup administrators have received private
complaints about some folks giving inaccurate answers to questions posed
by new comers on the list.  We don't wish to point fingers at anyone,
but would rather suggest the following tips for people who wish to be
helpful by answering questions on the list.

First of all, we suggest that before you respond to a question, you make
sure that you know the correct answer.  Giving out inaccurate
information or just guessing is not helpful, since this sort of thing
can lead new comers down the primrose path so to speak.  If the person
who posted the question didn't give enough information, ask him or her
for more information before you give a definite answer to the question. 
Lastly, be sure to read all the messages on the list before you respond.
 Someone else may have already given the answer you want to give.  This
will cut down on the number of repetative responses to the same

If you find someone is consistently going off half cocked, without a
clue as to what they are talking about, feel free to reprimand them, but
try to do it in a courteous manner.

Hopefully, these suggestions will encourage folks to think about their
posts.  If you want to be helpful, then please try to get it right. 
Guessing is not usually helpful.

Gene Collins

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