Bookshare & O'reilly books make an aggreement

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Wed Mar 5 15:57:04 EST 2003

Hi Steve,

Bookshare is proprietary enough to assure the copyrights of publishers.
There are now tools for Linux to unpack the books.  No, those tools are not
open source, but the binaries are available free of charge.  There is a cost
for the service because there are costs incurred by Benetech to run the
service.  :-)

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> This sounds exciting in a way because I dumpped the safari service I
> used to have last year when they went with that goddamn java crap and
> I told them why I was dropping out.
> The problem here though, Isn't bookshare proprietary? and aren't they
> windows-only? if yes to the above questions, then it's just another
> thing that forces a blind person to buy in to over $800 worth of
> software and maybe even buy winblows just so he/she could use this
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