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Mirabella, Mathew J Mathew.Mirabella at team.telstra.com
Tue Mar 4 21:36:53 EST 2003

some solutions to my issue with running emacspeak and speakup together.
Thanks to Mark and Jason.

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Thanks Jason.
Actually I did find two other options, both using the same kernal with speakup.

1.  set two options in the boot loader, one to load the kernal appending the string specifying a speakup synth... this boot option is to use speakup.  The other boot option should load the same kernal but not specify a speakup synth - this to be used with emacspeak

2.  After booting with speakup, press the key to the left of scroll lock to turn speakup off and then run emacspeak in a shell.  presss the key again after you quit emacspeak to get speakup back again.  I think there is a way to do this sort of thing in a shell script that one can use to run emacspeak.

These options are for using the same synth with both speakup and emacspeak.  Of course, it is easier if you use a hardware synth with speakup and maybe outloud for emacspeak.  for this idea to work, you only have to suspend speakup with insert-keypadEnter or even the key to the left of scroll lock if you like.  The reason why insert-keypadEnter does not work when you wish to use the same synth for speakup and emacspeak is because this only suspends speakup, so speakup is still addressing the serial port thus not allowing emacspeak to do so.


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Mirabella, Mathew J writes:
 > Hi all.
 > I would like to know how you can run emacspeak and speakup properly together on the same system.  I have both installed, and at this stage i only have a dec express.  emacspeak 17 from the rpm and speakup that comes in the red hat 8 kernal 2.4.18-24.8.0 on aan i686 pentium 4.  I have the dec in serial port 1 and a wave modem in serial port 0.

This question was raised once before on the Emacspeak list; check the
archives. The solution was to maintain two kernels, one with speakup
integrated and one without, and to select the desired kernel from Lilo
or whatever boot loader you are using, at start-up time. To run
Emacspeak, make sure that speakup isn't loaded by using a non-speakup

There may be a better solution, though.

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