speakup and emacspeak

Mirabella, Mathew J Mathew.Mirabella at team.telstra.com
Tue Mar 4 17:45:01 EST 2003

Hi all.

I would like to know how you can run emacspeak and speakup properly together on the same system.  I have both installed, and at this stage i only have a dec express.  emacspeak 17 from the rpm and speakup that comes in the red hat 8 kernal 2.4.18-24.8.0 on aan i686 pentium 4.  I have the dec in serial port 1 and a wave modem in serial port 0.

To get emacspeak working, i must boot the system with the dec off so speakup does not run, then i can run emacspeak.  if speakup starts up talking on boot... i cannot run emacspeak at all, even if i turn speakup off with insert-keypadEnter.  It says process speaker not running.  or some such error.  Is there an issue running them both with the same synth?

i also get an error running emacspeak as any other user than root.  can anyone help with this.

As an aside... I have installed the outloud via voice server for emacspeak, and intend to use it while using the dec express with speakup.  However, I have a sound blaster audigy 2 card in my system and am yet to install the right kernel modules for that.  I seem to be able to run emacspeak -o ok at this stage, albeit without sound.

one thing i have noticed.  the kernel seems to hang a bit while searching for the dec express... it boots ok if it cannot find the dec, but if i have the wave modem turned on and the dec off at the time of boot, the system seems to hang indefinatly... does anyone know about this?  Would it just be better to have another option in lilo to boot without the speakup_synth... option for when i want to do this?

Thanks for any help.


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