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Hi Matt,

On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 08:22:50AM +1000, Mirabella, Mathew J wrote:
> i found i had to edit the /etc/sysconfig/keyboard file to say KEYBOARD="speakup" instead of "us".  But I would like to know where this speakup keymap file resides on my system.... and ... is there a way to leave the keyboard file as it was, but specify a keymap file somewhere else...  so i can use a variety of keymaps i make myself?
	You can use any keymap you like by typing:

	loadkeys <keymap-file>

at a shell prompt.

	The default speakup keymap is compiled into the kernel, but you can use loadkeys to replace it with whatever keymap you prefer. You might like to look at my extended keymap that incorporates the standard speakup-keymap while extending the use of the qwerty-keys to duplicate the functionality of the numeric-keypad keys. You can find it along with a short readme in the goodies directory at:


	BTW, the unispeak keymap will work with the cvs version of speakup, since Dec 13, 2002 when there was a significant change int he keymapping for speakup. If you're using an earlier version of speakup, I don't think the unispeak keymap will be nice to you!




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