Speakup Bugs

erik burggraaf erik at erik-burggraaf.com
Sat Mar 1 08:38:42 EST 2003

Hi, I can comment on the first two bugs.  The first is a bug. Minorly
irritating.  I can get the jist from reviewing the bottom of the screen, but
clearing this up would speed things a bit.
The second is not a bug.  It says zed when you pres the z, because it was
writtin by a dude just down the road from me in london ontario canada.
Here, we call that letter zed, as opposed to the american zee.  Dr. Seus
would never approve, but I like it.  Smile.
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> Here are some further potential bugs.
> 1.  If you backspace [at the shell prompt], while parked, it will not
> speak the deleted characters, but will instead speak [maybe], the
> character on which the reading cursor is located (after).
> 2.  It says "zepthd", or something such as that, when you read or press a
> "z".
> 3.  While using the dec express, and having Speakup spell a word in all
> caps, or some caps and some other types, it will read the first two or so
> letters, say "command error in string value", one or more characters
> further, and later, depending on whether the word/acronym/etc., is short
> or long, "command error in parameter", followed by maybe some numbers or
> the like. I think this is the dec's bug, but speakup's problem, in the way
> it is sending data to the DEC.
> 4.  In the todo file, it suggests that a good new feature, would be to
> check parck status and store it, before doing a console switch.  This
> appears to work now.
> Luke
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