More Problems Installing Speakup

Luke Davis ldavis at
Mon Mar 3 00:07:43 EST 2003

I did this:

Tared the download of the CVS tree (comes down in a directory "speakup").
I then brought that to my (unconnected) Linux machine, and un-tarred it in
/usr/src, moved it to speakup-1.00 as the new directory name, and made a
simlink of "speakup" to it, just because.
I already knew that install expected /usr/src/linux, so I made that link
to the actual 2.4.20 source tree.
I then ran install, and got the output I forwarded.
Note that the directory listing I gave, was of /usr/src/speakup-1.00
(simlinked to speakup).



On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, Steve Holmes wrote:

> When you run the checkout script, it expects to find a directory
> /usr/src/linux.  Now that most recent kernels go into a directory
> including the version number like linux-2.4.20, you would need to
> create a symbolic link pointing linux to linux-2.4.20.  I did this
> very step just the otherday and the checkout script went fine.  The
> result of running the script will patch the actual speakup directories
> within the linux source tree and not the speak-1.0 source.
> Now if you used CVS to download the entire patch collection instead of
> running the checkout script, then you would put that directory (say
> speakup-1.0.cvs for example) then run the install script from inside
> the new speakup directory.  In any case, the patches are applied
> directly to the linux source code itself.
> After all that:) just run the usual 'make config' step like you always
> do for a kernel compile.

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